The Stuffed Waffle Iron

Cook Belgian-Style Waffles With Your Favorite Foods Inside!

  • 1. Prep

    Pre-heat while preparing batter and filling.

  • 2. Fill

    Add batter and fillings then cover with batter.

  • 3. Cook

    Add batter and fillings then cover with batter.

  • 4. Remove

    Remove with the center pan and ENJOY!

  • Oprah's Favorite Things

    As Oprah says on "Just plain decadent. This tool lets you make stuffed Belgian waffles. Go savory with ham and cheese, or try cinnamony apples."

  • KXAN Austin

    When Oprah revealed her much-anticipated list of favorite things earlier this week, it included a stovetop waffle iron that a Pflugerville man created in his spare time.

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  • Men's Journal

    The name is “Wonderful” for a reason. The Stuffed Waffle Iron from Wonderffle is one of the most amazing little contraptions we’ve ever used on the stove. This little piece of kitchen gear makes the easiest, and tastiest, breakfast treats we’ve ever made: stuffed waffles.

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  • Cosmopolitan

    Every newlywed needs a waffle maker, and the new couple will really enjoy cooking breakfast together with this one that makes delicious stuffed waffles.

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  • Fox 4 KDFW

    Forget topping your favorite breakfast treat. Fill them up instead, says the maker of a stuffed waffle iron.

    Consumer Reporter Steve Noviello puts it to the Deal or Dud test.

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  • Black Foodie

    Texas based entrepreneur Mike Bradford found the perfect way to take waffles to a whole new level!  He developed Wonderffle, a new brand of  waffle makers that lets you stuff your favorite foods inside. We tested it for ourselves and loved it!

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  • Entrepreneur

    Mike Bradford wants to make food more portable by allowing consumers to pack items like fried chicken, bacon and eggs, cheese or even vegetables into a waffle. The investors immediately connected with Bradford, his charisma and his idea, inviting him in to hear more.

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  • Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

    The Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle Iron was featured on Season 1 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch.

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  • Steve Harvey's Funderdome

    The Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle Iron Was Featured on Season 1 of Steve Harvey's Funderdome.

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  • Soulciti

    A recent winner of the $50k pitch competition on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome TV Show, Bradford credited his ability to perfect the art of the elevator pitch to his success.

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  • Community Impact News

    Pflugerville resident Mike Bradford battled against a ravioli rolling pin on Steve Harvey's Funderdome Sunday night. The show's premise pits two inventions against one another in a competition for crowd funding.

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  • Cool Things

    A Belgian waffle with fried chicken filling? Yep, this thing can do that. How about a waffle loaded with your favorite donut filling? Yes, that will work, too. How about a waffle with an actual donut inside it? Just throw the donut in while making the waffle and you’re set.

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A Meal In A Waffle

Cook Belgian-styled waffles with your favorite foods inside of them.

All Foods Included

The Stuffed Waffle Iron has a large enough capacity to cook with just about any kind of food whether sweet, savory, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Made For On The Go

It's portable. It's cordless. Cook on electric or gas cooktops, outdoor grills, or any open flame.

Unique In Form And Function

Its unique design provides a no-touch removal of the cooked stuffed waffle.

Easy To Use

Designed with ease-of-use in mind. Detachable parts, non-stick cooking surfaces, and heat-resistant handles provide a burdenless cooking, cleaning, and storing experience..

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