Easy Keto Stuffed Waffle

keto stuffed waffle burger

Since the birth of our fourth earlier this year, my wife has taken a lot of steps to add order to what can easily be a chaotic household. One of the simple things she implemented is a small dry-erase board in our kitchen on which we write our dinner menu each day. Along with a meal calendar, we use this to communicate ahead of time our dinner plans so that we're not scrambling at the last minute to whip something up. Just as importantly, it keeps us from having to answer our kids' incessant queries of, "what's for dinner?"

what's for dinner board

Meanwhile, I've been reading up on some keto-friendly recipes over the week and found this one for pancakes. It just so happened that burgers were on the menu this evening, so I decided to try to repurpose the keto pancake recipe to make burgers stuffed in savory keto waffles. I have to say, the results were very satisfying. 

This is one of the easiest batters I've made so far. It's based on just three ingredients: eggs, cream cheese, and almond flour. Simply throw those in the blender along with some baking power, blend on the liquify setting until smooth and, voilà, you're done! The batter comes out pretty smooth and runny, but the stuffed waffles turned out just fine.

blend all ingredients on the liquify setting until smooth

As always, I want to get my stuffed waffle irons pre-heating as early as possible. So, I broiled my burger patties in the oven while I set two of my irons with the top pans removed and on separate burners on my gas stove over the lowest flame setting. They remained there until the patties were done cooking about 30 minutes later.

stuffed waffle irons pre-heating on a gas stovetop


Once I'm ready to cook, I pour the batter from the blender pitcher to my batter dispenser. I grease the bottom pan with cooking spray and then pour 2 oz of batter into the bottom pan. I then place a 4-oz burger patty inside the pan and place over it one thin slice of cheese and one thin slice of tomato. Next I pour another 2 oz of batter over the top, spray the top pan, close it on top of the bottom pan and flip the unit over.

Once flipped, I increase the heat to medium and cook on each side for 90 seconds before flipping back over. I flip it over two more times so that in total, I'm cooking 3 minutes each side for 6 minutes total, but only 90 seconds at a time on each side. This keeps either side from getting too brown.

The batters cooked all the way through and the waffles were crispy on the outside surface, but soft in the center.

keto stuffed waffle burger

My kids were pleased with the results and I was pleased to let them enjoy a meal that can be more than just a sometimes food.

Keto-Friendly Stuffed Waffles

Yields 4 stuffed waffles

Ingredients Directions
1 1/8 cup almond flour 1. Slowly pre-heat your stuffed waffle iron.
1 cup cream cheese
2. All all ingredients for the batter to your blender and mix on the liquify setting for about 1 minute.
8 eggs 3. Grease the bottom pan and then add 3 ounces of batter.
2 teaspoons baking powder 4. Add about 4 ounces of filling.
Spices to taste 5. Pour an additional 3 ounces of batter until it just covers the filling.
16 oz of your preferred filling 6. Flip and cook on medium heat for 90 seconds.
7. Turn over and cook for another 90 seconds.
8. Repeat another two times for a total cooking time of about 6 minues (3 per side). NB: Cooking times may vary depending on your cooktop burner.
9. Remove the waffle from the device and enjoy!


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